Here you can find the media about ProAccess. There are several newspapers that have written about us and here you can read the articles. There are also some movies from some different jobs that you can look at. Are you looking for more photos or other media, then just contact us.


Maintenance work industry

Working in the caverns

water blasting

Mounting plate


Tidningsreportage ur Bohusläningen – 2010

Swedish – The guys in the company Proaccess clinging like monkeys at the city’s buildings and removes ice. Dizziness they do not know what it is. At the moment, they appear on the hotel Carlia in the center. – We’re climbing all of them and two of us are trained climbing instructors. The third is about to get it, explains Per-Rune Andersson

Tidningsreportage ur Uddevalla 7 dagar – 2012

Swedish – It is sufficiently hard for many individuals to polish the windows upstairs, but for companies with soaring windows, in need of renovation works, inspections and refurbishment at high altitudes, it can sometimes be required in both positions and cranes to reach all the way up ..

Reportage ur Nordiska Projekt Energi om vindkraft – 2015

Swedish – As wind turbines become more and grow, so does the number of repairs and installation work for companies that work at high altitudes. ProAccess is one such company that undertakes repair works where cranes, aerial platform and scaffolding will not or is cost-effective …

Tidningsreportage ur Bohusläningen – 2015

Swedish – Imagine that you have a refinery. In the 70-meter high chimney is a tank that weighs a ton. Now it must be taken out. You’d rather not stop production. Who will you call? Or perhaps you have a wind turbine that needs a new wing. Or have you bought Pininfarina and need to get up a giant sign that says Bender ..

Tidningsreportage ur Borlänge tidning – 2015

Swedish – Borlänge’s largest artwork is in place. 48 square meters. A special team from Gothenburg managed assembly by celebrating down with harnesses …

Räddningstjänsten Mitt Bohuslän – 2016

Swedish – Our own fall instructors at the emergency has been away on a 2-day training on Proaccess in Uddevalla. The course was intense because there was much that could be examined …


Reportage ur Svensk Byggtidning – 2016

Swedish – The company undertakes everything from large to small construction work maintenance , installation and inspection of property and industry . Rope access is a cost effective alternative to scaffolding , cranes and aerial platforms …