Concrete works



Concrete is a material that is everywhere in our modern society that is sensitive if it is not maintained, especially in load-bearing structures, and above all in the environment where there is much pollution. To repair a concrete must be resistant required that the basis for the repair prepared properly and that the correct repair method is used. The working arrangements for the repair is right is important and that the repaired surfaces after curing properly. If you choose the right method and materials to get sustainable results.

We offer detailed repair proposal and job descriptions designed as technical description. To achieve successful repair with a long life, it is important that the damage is investigated and see why the injury so it can be avoided again.

Concrete and stone are capillary material as impregnation and sizing used to reduce the water poured in concrete and thus the risk of reinforcement corrosion, frost damage and alkalikiselacidreactions. Dry surfaces are also expected to get less bio-fouling and fouling. In order to facilitate clean-up and extend the life so used graffiti protection. If a surface is exposed to graffiti penetrate into concrete, stone, brick and stucco. This can in turn lead to severe damage of expensive imitations. Concrete structures must be washed and impregnated with a pressure washer to extend the life against chlorides and carbonation. While painting of concrete extend service life.

We have a partnership with the STO who trained us in the Maintenance & protection of concrete instructions. Of them we also get guidance regarding product selection for the maintenance work.

Damage may occur:
♦ Weathering
♦ Cleavage
♦ Corrosion of reinforcement bars

Repairs we can do: 
♦ Shotcrete
♦ Protective Coating
♦ Traditional concreting

Maintenance, we can help you with: 
♦ Painting of concrete
♦ Washing
♦ Cam Protection
♦ The impregnating