For us at ProAccess the quality and safety is the foundation of all the work we do. We work with flexible technology and international standards used on platforms worldwide. Our employees always have professional licenses and training to do the job so you as a customer never needs to worry.

We can easily, gently and effectively provide assistance in most areas where it is needed repair and maintenance. Because we work with rope (as opposed to the cranes, aerial platforms, etc.) is a interference of the production usually minimal. Work at heights with rope provides effective maintenance. Our approach, Rope Access, is also a very good option to work in sensitive environments.Using rope access becomes less setup time and that, in turn, fewer, or no disruption at all then we can work during operation. It makes our method is cost effective and time saving.

It happens often that our customers will provide more jobs they want done. This is thanks to our large security mindset, our high level of expertise and our close cooperation with the customer.

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We undertake everything from small repairs and maintenance to major construction projects and our clients hire us because of our high safety mindset, our expertise, major environmental thinking and that we are engaged in our work.

Examples of work we do:
• Tube assembly
• Flange
• Bolt Tensioning
• Insulation
• Sheet metal punching
• Lift up to several tons
• Rigging (NS offshore O – 3.2 certificate)
• Electrical work
• Protective Coating
• Pipe marking
• Inspection
• Rescue Standby (Security Manager)
• Work in confined spaces