Painting is one of our core competencies and one of our main business areas. We have a diploma painters of the majority of our staff and everyone has thermoset education.

We carry out most types of surface treatment such as blasting, protective coating, industrial paint and other finishes. The work is done professionally with continuous measurement of quality.

We are members of Ytskyddsgruppen giving our customers a unique condition for total solutions in ytskyddsarbeten of metal and concrete. Our staff has the CBI education which enables us to inspect and repair the concrete damage.

We can carry out inspection of your item. You get a state assessment based on the inspection of corrosion, aging, etc. Based on the audit report you get then a suggestion of a paint program as corrosivity according to ISO 12944.

Our courses and certifications
Chemical working environment risks including thermosets (AFS 2014: 43)
Bas-P / Bas-U (Construction Work Coordinator to National requirement)
Diploma Painter Education
Hot work
Work on the road
Vehicles on the road
Mobile elevating work platforms A1-B3
ID06SSG Entrance
SSG Chemistry

Our machinery for painting contains
Wet blasting
High pressure up to 500 bar
Machine sanding
ISO standard gauge

Corrosivity for painting ISO 12944 
C1 = Very low
C2 = Low
C3 = Moderate
C4 = High
C5-I = Very high (Industrial)
C5-M = Very high (Marine)
Im-1 = Fresh water
Im-2 = Sea water or brackish water
Im-3 = Earth