For ProAccess safety is always a top priority. We always record and are regularly reviewing the incidents that take place in order to constantly increase the level of safety in the repaired beet industry.

Advantages of Rope Access
♦ One-fourth as many reported incidents per hour in normal manufacturing.
♦ Continuous work for increased security has led to reduced accident rate year after year.
♦ Update requirements every three years to retain the license of a single individual at any level of professional climbing.

The following document includes additional statistics and information on rope access and security within SPRAT.

Our employees have the knowledge and professional licenses in many different areas of construction, construction and industry. It allows us to perform a variety of tasks with high quality and safety.

All our employees are certified in SPRAT. It guarantees good knowledge, full safety and high efficiency in the work we perform. We meet all requirements of health and safety work and we have our own supervisors (SPRAT level 3) in Rope Access.