Wind Power




One of ProAccess major business is wind power. We perform most jobs in the rope, so-called Rope Access. The work method is very cost effective in relation to a crane. All employees are internationally certified to SPRAT.

We perform work on the most common types of turbine and we have a good team with experts of wind and plastic techniques. Our staff are internationally trained in Blade Repair, a Polyester and Epoxy education that follows AmuSyds standard. This is considered the highest standards in the market.

We can offer you a complete solution with installation, inspection and maintenance. After completing the inspection, you will get a test protocol in which we present a complete repair solution for any damage. HMS is the foundation of our work and therefore is always a risk analysis prior to each work.

Works we perform: 
* Warranty Surveyor.
* Installation, inspection and maintenance of the entire wind turbine.
* Painting works.
* Removal of ice when there is great danger to people and animals around.
* Contractors.
* Installation of cables, antennas, fall protection mm.
* Security Leaders of other professionals.
* Repair of the mounting damage as rust mm.
* Pressure Washer with 80 degrees / 500 bar.
* Material Lift.
* Inspection of fall protection.