Confined spaces

slutna utrymmen


Step 1

We train personnel in confined spaces, rescue easier and work process. We review the current laws and clauses. This training is for you to work in confined spaces such as tanks, etc.
The equipment we are going through is davit, simple tripod, winches, various Lifeline and personal equipment.

Step 2

This is an extension of step 1. This is a more advanced course in confined space rescue force.
It includes stretchers, multipod and work on fresh air masks.

Turning to rescue personnel, fire guards or rope access workers.

Valid: 3 years
Requirements: Level 1 or equivalent.
Duration: 8 hours
Equipment: All necessary equipment is provided by ProAccess.
The course cost includes breakfast and lunch.

Step 1
Maximum 8 participants

Step 2
Maximum 8 participants


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